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Advertise With TuneBN: Please read this page before advertising with TuneBN, then contact us. From this page you can find information about what topics we support in advertising and what the fees are.

Thank you for considering TuneBN for your advertising needs! Our website covers a variety of topics, including technology, people, lifestyle, status & quotes, and online earning. With 89-90% of our traffic coming from organic Google searches, advertising with us can help you reach a highly engaged audience.

Types of Advertising

We offer a range of advertising options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Banner Ads: We offer multiple banner ad placements throughout our website.
  • Guest Posts: We don’t offer guests post but we offer Sponsored Posts
  • [NEW] Link Promotion: We offer link promotion on existing content.
  • Sponsored Posts: We can create custom sponsored posts for your brand or product, which will be published on our website and shared on our social media platforms.
  • Product Reviews: We can review your product and feature it on our website, with links to your website or e-commerce store.
  • Giveaways: We can host giveaways for your product or service on our website and social media platforms. [Currently it’s not available]

Banner Ads

Currently we offering 6 positions for ads placement –

  • Beside Header Logo
  • Below Header
  • Above Every Article Content
  • Inside Article After 2 Paragraph
  • Sidebar Top
  • Sidebar Bottom (sticky)

We only allow one company ad to be displayed in each position on our website. Once a position is booked, no other company can post an ad in that position until the current ad expires.

Banner Ads Position Image

Ads Position Pic 1

Ads Position Pic 2

Ads Position Pic 3

Banner Ads Size & Pricing

Beside Header LogoHorizontal728×901 Month10,000 Taka
Below HeaderHorizontal600×3001 Month12,000 Taka
Above Every Article ContentHorizontal600×3001 Month10,000 Taka
Inside Article After 2 ParagraphHorizontal600×3001 Month10,000 Taka
Sidebar TopSquare300×3001 Month8,000 Taka
Sidebar Bottom (sticky)Square300×3001 Month7,000 Taka
Sidebar Bottom (sticky)Skyward300×6001 Month9,000 Taka

We offer the flexibility to customize your ads based on your specific needs, including size, duration, and price. Our ads are designed to be displayed on all devices, including desktop and mobile. Please note that the size of the ads may affect their appearance on mobile devices.

Link Promotion

We offer external link promotion on existing content for a fee of 7,000 Taka per link. But this not available for competitor website or similar website like TuneBN.

Sponsored Posts

We do not offer guest posts, but we do offer sponsored posts for promoting your brand. Your sponsored post will be featured in our sponsored section (please note that this is a temporary feature with no fixed duration). Each sponsored post must be a minimum of 300 words, and you may include a maximum of two links. The fee for each sponsored post is 9,000 Taka. If we write your sponsored post for you, there will be an additional fee of 1,000 Taka.

Product Review

We’ll write a review for your product or brand with your website or product link. It’ll cost 9,000 Taka.

Advertising Policy

At TuneBN, we do not promote any form of content that is inappropriate or offensive. Therefore, we do not accept any advertising proposals that promote the following:

  • Betting or Gambling: We do not support any form of betting or gambling, including online casinos, sports betting, or any other forms of gambling.
  • Adult Content: We do not accept any advertising proposals that promote adult content, including pornographic content, sexual content, or any other forms of adult entertainment.
  • Haram Content: We do not promote any content that goes against Islamic values or beliefs, including content that is considered haram or prohibited in Islam.

We reserve the right to decline any advertising proposals that violate our advertising policy. TuneBN aims to maintain high editorial standards, and we only accept advertising proposals that align with our values and beliefs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our advertising policy.

Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds for any brand promotions or sponsored posts once they have been published on our website. We cannot guarantee any specific results from our advertising services, and the fees paid for advertising are non-refundable.

However, in the unlikely event that we fail to publish your brand promotion or sponsored post due to a technical issue on our website or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will refund your payment in full.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our refund policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please feel free to contact us.

Advertise with TuneBN

If you are fluent in Bangla, please feel free to contact us using the Bangla language.

To advertise with TuneBN, please contact us at with your advertising proposal. We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Please note that we only accept advertising proposals that are relevant to our audience and in line with our editorial standards. We reserve the right to decline any advertising proposal that we feel is not a good fit for our website.

All Contact Information:
Telegram:/LucifaFX (Recommend)

Last Word

Thank you for considering TuneBN for your advertising needs. We look forward to working with you!

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