Hide Wapkiz Footer Ads 100% Working 2020 Method

Hi friends!! Hope you are well. In this tutorial I am going share Wapkiz footer ads hide code. You know that, Wapkiz spend too much advertising in the footer. Which is affected on site design. After following this tutorial you can hide wapkiz footer ads easily!! It is very easy and simple method of 2020 for hide Wapkiz Footer Ads. Before Hiding Wapkiz footer ads Let’s Preview the proof first.

Footer ads hide proof

Wapkiz footer ad hide proof
Wapkiz footer advertising hide proof

Now, come to the point and let’s see

How to Hide Wapkiz footer ads

Now Let start and see How to hide wapkiz footer ads

Step 1: Login to your wapkiz account and choose a site then go to the panel mode..

Wapkiz Panel Mode
Hide wapkiz footer ad Step – 1

Step 2: Then look “Js file maker” and click on it.

Js file maker
Hide wapkiz footer ad Step – 2

Step 3: Now we need to create a js file for host a javascript file. So, Click on Js file Maker to create/ host a js file.

Create New Js
Hide wapkiz footer ad Step – 3

Download wapkiz ads hide code

[box type=”warning” align=”” class=”” width=””]Wapkiz New Footer Ads Removal code available and it’s works 100%. Kindly Read this post – Wapkiz Footer Ads Hide Code v2.0 || মুছে ফেলুন ওয়াপকিজের ফুটার এডস চিরতরে[/box]

[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”https://dl2.wapkizfile.info/ddl/8162a717b2e26585f730c84c87a535f6/izone+wapkiz+com/wapkiz-footer-ad-hide-code-(izone.wapkiz.com).txt” icon=”fa fa-download” target=”true” nofollow=”true”]25 July 2020 Update | Direct Download Link[/button]

Step 4: Now, download the wapkiz ad hide code and open the code with any text editor and copy the Code. Then past it that textbox and submit to save the code.

Hide wapkiz footer ad
Hide wapkiz footer ad Step – 4

Step 5: Then, Click on “Js file code” to collect the js file which we hosted on step 4.

Wapkiz get js file code
Hide wapkiz footer ad Step – 5

Then you will find a code like this –
wapkiz footer ads hide code
Step 6: Copy the code and past it in footer at the end..

NOTE: Don’t try to edit the code which you downloaded. If can’t download the code enter your email i sent you the file in your inbox.

That’s guys!! Hope you enjoyed the tune. Thanks stay with us. And don’t forget to share this content to your friends. Below the sharing option.

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